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About Us

One of the leading multi-speciality hospitals in Gurgaon, we at Lall Hospitals offer the best in medicine and technology in an environment specially designed for comfort and personalised medical care. Established in 1980 by Late Dr. S.K. Lall and Dr. Usha Lall, we have today transformed into an advanced treatment centre at the forefront of medical care. Our four speciality centres of Eye Care (Ophthalmology), Skin Science (Dermatology), Fem 360 (Obstetrics & Gynaecology), and Baby Steps (Fertility Care and IVF) offer patients comprehensive, state of the art medical care in a comfortable and family-focused environment.

Building on our rich legacy of medical care, our award-winning team of dedicated super specialists is always available for our patients, staying close to the hospital campus to provide them with uninterrupted healthcare and attention. We understand that the needs of each patient are different and give them a meticulously prepared personalised treatment plan for a safe medical experience that inspires confidence and trust.

Drawing from 40 years of experience in medicine, we at Lall Hospitals have developed a unique approach to medical care that helps us push the traditional boundaries of healthcare. An emphasis on exceptional patient care, continuous upgradation to new technology, experimentation with techniques, and medical education with active participation in conferences and seminars has turned Lall Hospitals into a cornerstone of medical excellence in Old Gurgaon.

Lall Eye Care

20/20 Eye Care

Our commitment to excellence and the desire to serve our patients better under one roof inspired the establishment of the Lall Eye Care Centre. Drawing from a rich heritage of 40 years and carrying forward the legacy of our founders, Late Dr. S.K. Lall and Dr. Usha Lall, our Eye Care Specialty Hospital is patient-centric in its approach and believes in providing quality eye care with compassion and dedication.

Baby Steps

Our in-house expertise in the field of Gynaecology and Obstetrics helped us materialise our dream of extending our specialisation to address issues of infertility. The establishment of Lall Baby Steps, an advanced IVF and Fertility Centre, allows us to focus on the problems of our patients better under one roof.


Skin Science

Our commitment to scientific skin, hair and nail treatment and the desire to serve our patients better under one roof inspired the establishment of the Lall Skin Science Hospital in 2006. Carrying forward the illustrious legacy of our founders, Late Dr. S.K. Lall and Dr. Usha Lall, the centre was established with the two-fold objective of bringing the best in Cosmetology and Dermatology services for all in a patient-friendly, personalised space.

Fem 360

One of the oldest and most reputed hospitals in Gurgaon, the Lall Fem 360 was established with the intent of bringing the best in Gynaecology and Obstetrics services for all with round the clock, personalised healthcare. Giving birth is a beautiful journey, and we endeavour to make it memorable for you. With over 50-60 deliveries a month, we are fortunate to have delivered babies of different generations of women from the same families and are grateful for the trust and confidence our patients have in us.