Facilities and Services

At Lall Hospital, it is our endeavour to provide patients with the best in class healthcare services at affordable prices, all within the convenience of the hospital campus. With a rigorous quality management system, our patients are assured of a safe and comfortable experience at one of the best hospitals in Gurgaon.

Diagnostic Services

Our in-house lab, the Lall Diagnostic Centre gives patients easy access to high-quality pathological services with experienced and well-trained doctors and support staff and automated, highly advanced equipment that ensure accurate results consistently. Affordably priced, we provide haematology, immunology and biochemistry services for both OPD and in-patients.

Diagnostic Services


Our pharmacy is conveniently located on the ground floor of the hospital. Well-stocked with rare drugs and generic medicines, stringent quality control ensures that the medicines are constantly updated and of the highest quality.

In-house Eyewear Shop

Our in-house shop brings patients the latest designs in eyewear at reasonable prices. Located on the first floor of the hospital, it gives patients a range of attractive options to choose from.

In house Eyewear Shop

Custom view prosthetic eyes

Lall Hospitals has a fully developed facility for making prosthetic eyes or artificial eyes. This is a replacement for the natural eye lost due to injury or disease. The artificial eyes are customised to the patient socket size and are hand-painted to look natural to enhance a patient’s confidence.

Low vision aids

Low vision devices improve visual performance in patients with low vision, enabling social and academic adaptation and providing enrichment of daily experiences.

We have different types of magnifiers available like the telescope and the video magnifier. We determine the nature of a patient’s problem after a thorough examination and help them choose the best aid to suit their requirement.



Located on the ground floor, our cafeteria serves delicious and healthy food prepared fresh on-campus. Nominally charged, it is a convenient option for patients and visitors alike.

Timings – 8 am to 8 pm