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Rights and Responsibilities


  • To be treated with respect, consideration, compassion and dignity, in a safe and clean environment regardless of your age, gender, race, origin, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities.
  • To receive medical advice and treatment that fully meets the currently accepted standards of care and quality.
  • To be addressed by your proper name and to be informed about the names of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare team members involved in your care.
  • Full protection of your privacy, dignity and confidentiality in care discussions, examinations, and treatments.
  • To be given a clear description of your medical condition, estimated cost of treatment and to involve you in decision about your care.
  • To have access to your clinical records.
  • To be protected from physical abuse and neglect.
  • To obtain informed consent from you before any procedure, surgery, treatment, anesthesia, blood & blood product transfusion.
  • The right to seek an addition opinion regarding clinical care.


  • To be on time in case of appointments. To cancel or reschedule as far in advance as possible in case of cancellation or rescheduling of the appointments.
  • To provide complete and accurate information, including your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, particulars of next-of-kin and insurance company/TPA/employer, past illness, and medication details wherever required.
  • To actively participate in your treatment plan and to keep your doctors and nurses informed of the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • To treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • To abide by the hospital rules and safety regulations and comply with the no-smoking policy.
  • To understand all instructions before signing the consent forms.
  • To pay for services billed for in a timely manner as per the hospital policies.
  • To respect that some other patient’s medical condition may be more urgent than yours and accept that your doctor may need to attend them first.