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Dr. Kapil and Dr. Himanshu are very approachable and friendly. They have always been there either on a call or face to face to get our problems solved. The doctors and staff at Lall Hospitals are cooperative, helpful and have become like a family to us.

Aanchal and Tonya

Fem 360 and Baby Steps

We want to thank Dr. Kapil and Dr. Himanshu for their fabulous support in helping us bring our beautiful baby into this world. Their constant positive guidance, calming presence and knowledge has helped us enormously throughout the journey.

Priyanka and Sumit Maheshwary

Fem 360 and Baby Steps

Dr. Himanshu is an awesome doctor. She makes you feel comfortable and listens to all your problems patiently. My two beautiful babies are healthy and were normally delivered due to Dr. Himanshu’s experience. She guided me throughout my pregnancy and advised me regarding my food, exercise, etc. She is always there for her patients irrespective of the hour of the day.

Darshika Sharma

Fem 360 and Baby Steps

Dr. Kapil took such great care of me during my pregnancy. He was positive, calm and confident. He always took out time to explain things to me with utmost patience. He was so open and reassuring, which helped me get through the concerns and anxieties of a first pregnancy. My husband was always welcomed and never felt out of place, something which I was initially concerned about. I genuinely believe that I was in the best possible hands during my pregnancy.


Fem 360 and Baby Steps

Neelam Agarwal and Naina Dixit

Baby Steps

Parul Gupta

Baby Steps

Jyoti Bhardwaj

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