FAQs on Laser Skin Resurfacing and Scar Treatment2020-03-25T07:50:04+00:00

ResurFX™ Laser FAQs

How many sessions are required to achieve the desired results?2018-08-16T14:31:31+00:00

Conducted as a series of treatments, 4-6 monthly sessions, one month apart, are required based on the patient’s age and skin condition.

What are the side-effects of the ResurFX™ laser treatment?2018-08-16T14:31:07+00:00

Though the recovery time is relatively short and comfortable, patients can expect swelling and redness of the skin with minor irritation post treatment which eventually subsides in a few days.

What is the after-care required post-treatment?2018-08-16T14:30:44+00:00

Patients can return to their normal life the day after the procedure. Sun exposure before and after the treatment should be avoided. Patients should wear a good sunscreen everyday post-treatment.

What can be expected during the procedure?2018-08-16T14:30:16+00:00

A fast and nearly pain-free treatment, each session requires 20 minutes or more depending on the size of the targeted area. Patients are given a topical numbing before the treatment and additional cooling before, during and after the procedure for added comfort.

What areas of the body can be treated by ResurFX™ laser?2018-08-16T14:29:55+00:00

Though it is usually the face that gets treated by this laser, it is possible to treat the neck, shoulders, chest, arms and forearms along with the face for skin rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of this laser treatment?2018-08-16T14:29:35+00:00

It is faster as it treats the underlying condition in one pass without damaging the skin’s surface, less painful as the device’s energy is distributed to prevent overheating and damaging the skin surface, requires less recovery time and flexible as it can be combined with fillers and neurotoxins to provide more treatment possibilities.