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Fem 360 Infrastructure

At Lall Hospitals, our commitment to excellence and world-class service comes by virtue of our robust infrastructure. The belief that machines and equipment are as important as the professionals behind the machine has led to continual investment in cutting-edge surgical and diagnostic technology for patient care. Strong infrastructure coupled with the latest, most sophisticated technology equips us to provide quality healthcare.

Operation Theatres

Lall Fem 360 and Lall Baby Steps is equipped with a separate Labour Room with two beds, designed to prioritise patient comfort and privacy. We also have two spacious and well-equipped Operation Theatres with ventilators and centralised oxygen supply for a safe, reliable and uninterrupted supply to patients, with one OT dedicated especially to IVF procedures.


Harmonic Scalpel

The harmonic scalpel is a surgical instrument used to cut and cauterise tissue simultaneously. It uses ultrasonic energy, converted to mechanical energy, instead of electric current to cut and cauterise the tissue. The Harmonic Scalpel’s most significant advantage is the reduced bleeding and recovery time for the patient. Other benefits include the ability to make more precise cuts, and an overall reduction of lateral thermal tissue damage in comparison to other operating devices.


A state of the art ultrasound machine developed by GE.


  • Excellent 3D and 4D Image Quality
  • Easy-to-use Voluson 3D Capabilities
  • Intuitive and Easy To Use Tools
  • Specialised Automation Tools
  • Streamlined Reporting Tools

Laparoscopic Unit

We have two sets of laparoscopy instruments to minimise the chances of complications when used simultaneously, both equipped with the latest Stryker ultra HD Cameras.

Access-controlled Modular Lab

One of the first IVF Modular Labs in Old Gurgoan, the lab at Lall Hospitals is access-controlled for increased security and is equipped with:

  • 2 Incubators HERA Cells
  • X-ray Machines
  • Micro Manipulator
  • Cryopreservation for Embryos

In-house hormonal Lab

An in-house hormonal lab ensures quick blood tests for patients with quality control.